1:87 24 inch Pipe Fittings and Gate Valves

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This is a collection of pipe which scales to 24″ in HO ..

  • 90° elbows
  • flange assemblies
  • Tees
  • gate valves

The flange dia, number and size of bolts means these are all Class 150 pipe

The studs fit the ID of Evergreen #229 9/32″ tubing. This is pretty darn close in scale as the tubing would only be 7/16″ over the actual 24″ pipe diameter if enlarged to full scale. More than “good nuff”

The gate valve has holes for Dritz Quilting Pins (yellow heads) which are about 0.024″ dia. These valves need a handwheel 27-30″ dia. Vector Cut has .34″ handwheels available (Handwheel Set Large) which would be perfect. The shaft hole in the center would have to be enlarged about .005″ to fit the pin shaft (valve stem).

Note: These were successfully printed!!

The photo to the left shows the valve, flanges and elbow from left to right. The straight sections are 9/32″ Evergreen tubing.

Finally .. yes .. need to trash can the primer as it came out really textured.

Assortment .. one (1) Tee, one (1) Gate Valve, two (2) elbows and two (2) flanges

This is my model 4C Version 24″ gate vavle

24 inch Pipe 90 degree elbow

1:87 pipe tee

24″ pipe flanges


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